The Loft
at Fiddler's Green
The CAGEFREE alternative to boarding your dog
This Frisbee is mine!
Wow! Tummy rubs are free around here!

Pricing/Services and other business

Ever look at a price schedule and hours of operation and it's so complicated, it makes your head hurt?


Here's our prices (2014 calendar year):

1. We charge $20/nite (You provide your dog's food)
2. Courtesy transportation-to/from THE LOFT-FREE (if your dog stays 4 nites or longer)
3. If your dog stays less than 4 nites, it's only $10 for pickup, $10 for drop-off (60 mile radius of THE LOFT)
2. Administering medication-FREE (you provide medication, we'll give it!)
3. Extra play time-FREE
4. Chasing kitties-FREE
5. Sniffing resident miniature pony-FREE
6. Going to look for deer/turkeys/pheasants-FREE
7. Helping with the farm chores or in the office-FREE
8. Extra nighttime snacks-FREE

Our hours of operation are: whenever it's convenient for you!
We do not charge anything extra for after hours pickup or delivery, only we request that we know when you'd like to pickup or drop off, or when you'd like your dog picked up or delivered back home.
We do NOT nickel and dime you to death!
Our intention is to make it easy for you and to provide your dog with the best 'away from home' experience they can get so they keep coming back!

A few other pieces of business:

1. We apologize, but due to high current customer requests, we cannot accommodate pit bulls, pit bull crosses, rottweillers or rottweiller crosses.
2. We do require a meet and greet prior to a new client's stay with us.....we want you to see our facility and we would like to meet your dog in order to see if it will be a good fit for your dog to stay with and greets are free of charge, but they do require an appointment, so please call in advance to set  it up if you're interested in havng your dog stay with us!

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