The Loft
at Fiddler's Green
The HOMESTYLE alternative to boarding your dog
Even the pony engages in a little friendly sniffing!

Forever friends are made at The Loft!

I'm really glad my mom brought me here!

Your four-legged furbutt is in the best hands
 (or paws)!

Our Gang

Perhaps a little unconventional, our gang at THE LOFT is mostly 4-legged! But that's OK, because everyone has a purpose here:

JUDY (Top)
Owner and Pet Care Associate

You say your dog has separation anxiety?
Not with Halle (left) and RJ (top) around !
Permanent fixtures at THE LOFT at Fiddler's Green, they were both rescued from awful puppy mills, and are now very happy to show your dog around and offer him/her a great day of play and


So, the cats at THE LOFT are not your normal everday felines.....they have signed up to be chased, and truly engage in the canine activities when we let them! (Left to right above) Butch, Frankie (and bashful Joey)  and Hubert are swashbuckling adventurers that brighten our visitors day! Your dog can go home and brag to their buddies that they actually 'treed' their first cat!
Anytime (left) and Sunny (above) are also more than willing to engage in some friendly sniffing and snorting with our 'dog' visitors as long as it's on the other side of the fenceline!
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